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South Florida Artist Sean Garman

“I literally get to capture the love that people feel for each other. I can’t think of anything more fulfilling! I want to give families an experience they will never forget!”

Artist Sean Garman has designed, created, and produced hundreds of thousands of products for companies and individuals for over 25 years. Using his extensive manufacturing background, he developed a process to capture the essence of the human bond. 

From a simple holding hands sculpture to our most intricate custom pieces, every sculpture holds a beautiful story. From beginning to finish each sculpture is personally created by Artist Sean Garman and captures the celebration of life and love. 

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The Details Are Remarkable

Once the sculpture is fully cured, Sean begins the detail work. Every sculpture has flaws from the mold making and casting processes. The heavy grinding is first to level each piece, then it is stepped down gradually to finer grinding and ultimately to the very fine detailing. Using pictures taken before the molding process, Sean is able to add in the fine details that were lost in the previous processes.
Your personal Sculpture will be treasured by your family for generations! The detail is absolutely remarkable. Every line, wrinkle, tiny scars and even fingerprints and the pores in your skin can be seen. Sean meticulously applies the “Finish” to every sculpture by hand, which is a week long process. The processes for each finish is as different as the end result. The finishes look beautiful and also protect your sculpture.
Every sculpture is a one of a kind work of art and is given the individual attention it deserves.

Best birthday gift for mothers in South Florida

Birthday/Celebration Gifts

Best birthday gift for mothers in South Florida

Your birthday is a celebration of your life and your loved ones celebrate it with you. This year, capture the bond you have with those you love with the most personal and special Birthday Gift in the world.

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Anniversary/Wedding Gifts

If you’re getting married, your personalized sculpture of YOUR hands bonded together will be the most amazing wedding centerpiece. We have many poses to choose from that reflect your personalities and captures the commitment and lifelong bond you will be sharing soon.

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Best birthday gift for mothers in South Florida

Best birthday gift for mothers in South Florida

The most romantic anniversary gift is only available right here in South Florida. Capture that special bond for eternity with your hands bonded together forever. 

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Mothers/Fathers Day Gifts 

Check out the Mothers Day Sculptures

best thing to do with a family

father's day gift ideas

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Amazing experience! It was great to work Sean. The finished product beyond our expectations. Can’t wait to do a family sculpture.
-Lisa., Fort Lauderdale, FL

This was a wonderful experience. We get to capture the love we have in our family with a beautiful sculpture. I definitely recommend this experience for you and your loved ones.
-Luis., Boca Raton, FL


I’m very pleased and thankful with the work you guys have done. My wife and I are very happy with the final results. You guys are very professional and your work is just incredible amazing and unique thank you very much for everything. You guys are the best.

– Marlon., Miami, FL

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