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Immortalize the loving bond you have with someone special

Throughout human history holding hands is the most common way that we display deep affection for another human being.

“We wanted to do something out of the box for our anniversary, something unique and very special. We booked the date, and OMG this was worth it! When you arrive, the coolest and most relaxed guy greets you! We shared some laughs and the whole experience was incredible! The result is just breathtaking, the details, the quality, everything! It is a lovely piece of art will always remind us of the love we’ve built”

 – E. Ivy

Click Here To Call For Your Appointment (954)-789-5001
Click Here To Call For Your Appointment (954)-789-5001

The mold is made directly from YOUR hands! Every line and wrinkle, down to even the pores in your skin, the sculpture is an exact copy of your hands!

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